Collision Repair Myths

Bavarian Body Works technician buffing bumperHaving a collision is traumatic and stressful enough without also having to figure out the truth behind getting your car repaired. There are lots of myths about insurance coverage and repairs that simply aren’t true.

Here are five debunked auto repair myths, followed by the real story behind each:

You have to get three estimates, or your insurance company will not pay for the repair.

Every insurer is different, but most don’t require a specific number of estimates prior to authorizing repair. Once you’ve filed your accident claim, your insurer will either send an adjuster to prepare an estimate or tell you to take the car to a body shop to get one. The initial collision repair estimate is visual only, so remember that it may be lower than the actual costs to repair your car. Once repair has begun, your chosen body shop will keep you and your insurance company informed about any internal damage or additional charges.

Your insurance company can require you to choose a particular collision repair shop.

Your insurance company wants your car to receive the best repair possible and ensure that you are fully satisfied at the end of the process. While insurers often have relationships with repair shops and might recommend you check out a particular center, they cannot in Georgia require that you use a specific body shop.

Only dealers can be manufacturer certified and offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Independent collision repair centers have the same access to OEM parts as dealers do, and are eligible for the same certifications. A variety of traditional and luxury manufacturer certifications gives you the assurance that the facility has the latest repair equipment and well-trained technicians that meet manufacturers’ specifications. When choosing a repair shop, make sure to check out the manufacturer as well as industry certifications (like I-CAR). 

A damaged frame cannot be fixed.

Frame damage is damage to the main structure of the vehicle or any related part that is designed to ensure structural integrity. Most modern cars have unibody frames. With a unibody frame, the car’s body and frame are integrated into one structure that is divided into sections. Often, only one section is damaged in a collision and can be replaced or repaired.

Insurance pays for all collision repairs.

This varies by your level of coverage, deductible, and who was at fault. Know your coverage limits and evaluate when renewing your policy. Usually, if you were at fault you will be required to pay a deductible. If you were hit by an uninsured driver or the victim of a hit-and-run accident, many policies also require you to pay a small deductible.

Bavarian Body Works is here to answer any repair questions and help you understand the truth behind the myths. We are certified by many manufacturers, and our trained mechanics use the latest techniques and equipment to repair your car to pre-accident condition. Contact us today.