Atlanta Collision Repair Shop

Choosing an Atlanta Collision Repair Shop to handle your repair is an important decision. Your insurance company may offer a list of auto repair shops. You need to do your homework and check out who will be repairing your vehicle.

With traffic in Atlanta a topic of discussion for many, it makes natural sense that accidents will occur as people attempt to get from Alpharetta to Midtown.

As a preferred Atlanta Collision Repair Shop, Bavarian Body Works makes auto body repairs that you can be sure meet manufacturer’s specifications for the best restoration as well and safety.

Under that crumpled metal is the frame, mounting systems for electrical and airbags, cooling systems etc. The integrity of the systems must be restored. Some shops will perform exterior repairs and take shortcuts on the systems under the panels. This can be dangerous as well as lowering the value of the vehicle.

We work on your behalf with the insurance companies to make sure that your vehicle is restored properly, with the fewest hassles.