Understanding the Repair Process

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While every collision repair is unique, we typically follow the general steps below to ensure the best experience and the highest quality auto repair service in Atlanta and Marietta, GA.

While we’re doing all the work, you’ll see that there are other factors, including your insurance company and parts availability, that may impact how quickly our auto body shop can repair your car or truck. Your on-time delivery date may change as the auto repair process progresses.

In Georgia, state law allows you to choose which body shop makes your car or truck repairs following an accident, even if your insurance company recommends a particular facility. Learn more in our post: Collision Repair Rights in Georgia – You Have a Choice!

At Bavarian Body Works, we promise to work as quickly as possible and keep you informed along the way. We appreciate your patience while we ensure safe and complete auto repairs. We’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

Step 1 – Initial Estimate

Bavarian Body Works will visually inspect your car to determine the extent of the damage. We enter this information into our system, which creates the initial auto repair estimate with approximate cost and timing. This is only a visual inspection, so we may find additional damage later that impacts the cost and timing of the collision repairs.

During this step, we also document other damage (scratches, dents, warning lights, etc.) that will not be included in the collision repair process. That’s why we’re videotaping your car!

Step 2 – Insurance Company Approval

If your insurance company is handling the repairs, an adjuster will review the estimate to determine whether the car is repairable.

If the auto repair cost is greater than the car’s value, the insurance company may “total” your car. This means they will not pay to repair it; instead, they will pay you their estimate of the car’s value.

If the car is repairable, the adjustor will decide what to repair and the type of parts (manufacturer vs. third party) that we can use.

Step 3 – Disassembly and Repair Planning

As we remove the damaged parts from your car, we often find additional damage that was not visible during the initial inspection. If that happens, we have to update your estimate and review with the insurance company through the “supplement process.”

Step 4 – Parts Ordering

We order the required parts. Sometimes certain parts must be special ordered, which takes longer. We’ll let you know if this happens.

Step 5 – Repairs

The Bavarian Body Works collision solutions team repairs your car to exact manufacturer specifications, using manufacturer-approved tools and processes.

Step 6 – Painting

Body panels are primed and painted, using a computer-driven process to match the current paint colors of your car as closely as possible. Paint fades differently around your car, so your car is actually many different colors. We blend colors as closely as possible to match each part’s location on your car.

Step 7 – Reassembly

The Bavarian Body Works auto body shop puts everything back together, checks all your car’s systems and details your car so that it’s sparkling clean. Your car is almost ready to go at this point. You’re close to being back on the road!

Step 8 – Final Inspection – Quality Assurance

Before delivering your car back to you, a Bavarian Body Works inspector reviews all repairs, road tests the car and certifies that we’re delivering the car in pre-accident condition, only cleaner.

Our thorough processes and our many years of experience are just two of the reasons that drivers throughout metro Atlanta trust Bavarian Body Works with their auto repair and collision repair solutions. We’re the top auto body shop in Atlanta and Marietta, GA, for a reason. Give us a call today to learn how our auto body shop can get your vehicle back in great shape.

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