Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

If you’re buying a used car, it’s important to know its repair history. Accidents and fire or flood damage take their toll on a vehicle, and if not correctly repaired can affect the performance as well as impact the price of the car. Bavarian Body Works offers independent pre-purchase car inspections that will help ensure you have all the information necessary to make a smart buying decision.

If you are buying a car from a dealership or car-buying service, it will likely come with a warranty. But if you are buying directly from a consumer, you should pull a vehicle history report, from a service like Carfax, that shows recorded accidents and the number of owners.

Not all accidents are reported. If police or insurance were not involved, the repair shop may not have recorded the repair services. That’s why it’s crucial to have a trained mechanic, like Bavarian Body Works, check out a pre-owned car before you buy it. Our mechanics’ skilled eyes and the equipment we use can spot things that are not in a car’s history. If the BBW mechanic finds necessary repairs or hidden problems from unreported incidents, you may decide not to buy the car or can take that information back to the seller to negotiate a lower price.

A Bavarian Body Works pre-purchase car inspection:

  • Confirms equipment is correctly operating.
  • Determines the overall condition of the car, as well as of specific parts including brake pads and tires. 
  • Looks for hidden problems and unreported or bad repairs to the engine, frame and body.
  • Checks for mechanical and electrical issues.
  • Ensures there are no trouble codes.

A BBW pre-purchase car inspection can reveal major problems including:

  • Frame damage – this usually indicates the car has been in a serious accident, and may cause driving or safety issues.
  • Improper repairs – we’ll point out incorrect body and frame repairs, and assess engine condition and maintenance. 
  • Flood damage – Exposure to water can ruin electronics, lubricants, and mechanical systems. Corrosion can even damage airbag controllers.

Pre-purchase car Inspections can also reveal fluid leaks, overdue maintenance, and hidden rust. These items affect the performance, and value, of the car and will ultimately result in repair costs to you.

Bavarian Body Works wants to ensure you get the best car for you, at the best price. Contact us today to schedule a pre-purchase car inspection.

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