Common Collision Repair Insurance Myths

In dealing with hundreds of customers over many years, we are often asked common questions regarding insurance companies  and how the collision repair process works. Here is a quick quiz to test your knowledge.


True or False: The insurance company chooses which shop will perform your vehicle repairs.

False: The choice is yours. The insured’s right to choose who will perform the repairs must always be upheld.


True or False: If the insurance company’s estimate is lower than the shop of your choice of shop, you can still chose the higher estimate.

True: According to state law, the insurance carrier must negotiate in good faith with your choice of shop to arrive at an agreed price for repairs. At Bavarian Body Works, we are the advocate for our customer. We work with the insurance company to explain the repairs and negotiate a better settlement if possible.


True or False: Once the insurance company issues a check, you have to pay for any additional charges.

False: The insurance company’s appraiser can only report the damage which is visible. If additional damage becomes evident as the repair progresses, the shop will report the additional damage to the insurance company. It is common to have at least one supplement to the original estimate on most large collision repairs.


True or False: You will be forced to use the repair shop with the lowest bid.

False: As we’ve stated previously, the choice of repair shops is yours. Choosing the low bidder is usually not in the best interest of the customer in most purchasing decisions. Auto Body Repair is certainly one of those investments where it makes sense to thoroughly vet the vendor. Considering the safety issues involved in collision repair, and the sizeable investment one has intheir vehicle, the value of a quality auto body repair shop is apparent.


True or False: Once a car has been in an accident, it will never be the same.

True: A collision brings about many changes to an auto. A collision could affect re-sale if reported to a Carfax type service. These services don’t explain the nature of the collision or repair, but some consumers may shy away from a vehicle that has been a wreck.A relationship with a trusted collision repair center can help. A letter written from the shop’s owner describing the nature of the damage and the approach to the repairs may ease a buyers mind during a re-sale.


How did you do?

With a little knowledge, some good old fashioned common sense and a trusted advisor like Bavarian Body Works on stand-by, you can be better prepared with collision repair insurance questions.