Steps to Getting Your Car Repaired


If you’ve been in an accident, what actions should you take to get your car repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible? Here are five steps to ensure you get the best quality repair in a timely and financially sufficient manner.

Call your insurance company.

Verify your coverage and ask about steps to follow to make sure you get the most from your policy benefits. Some insurers will send an adjuster to you to do an estimate. Others will ask you to take your car to one or more repair shops and go from there. A number of companies have apps to which you upload photos of the damage and begin the process this way. It’s always a good idea to document your damage for yourself as well. 

Get an estimate.

If you don’t have a relationship with a body shop, ask friends and family for a recommendation or check ratings for shops near you. Your insurance company also likely has a list of preferred repair shops. These facilities have usually been vetted by the insurer and have lots of experience working with your carrier. Remember, in Georgia, you have the right by law to choose your own body shop. Initial estimates are usually only based on visual damage. Once the mechanics begin to work on your car, they may find internal damage that adds to your repair.

Discuss your estimate with your insurance company.

Don’t assume that just because a repair shop has a relationship with your insurer or is discussing your repair with them on your behalf, that all will be covered. Follow up with your insurer on your own. If you were at fault for the accident, you will also likely have to pay a deductible. Ask your insurer about the process going forward and a timetable from their perspective.

Choose your body shop.

Look for a shop with certifications, experience with your vehicle manufacturer, trained mechanics and the latest equipment, good customer ratings, a lifetime warranty, and convenient location. Bavarian Body Works has over 30 years of experience servicing a wide variety of automotive brands and is certified by multiple manufacturers as well as the industry’s top rating organizations, including I-CAR. BBW is a full-service shop that can repair your entire car from body and frame to advanced driver-assistance systems to engine to matching paint colors, and anything else required. We have two convenient locations, Marietta and Atlanta. 

Stay on top of your repair.

Once you leave your car at the shop, don’t just check out. Stay in touch with both your body shop and insurer. Ask questions about any additional damage found and discuss coverage with your insurer. Make sure you give approval for any additional or uncovered repairs and ask to be kept updated on timing.

Bavarian Body Works is here to answer any questions about estimates and repairs. We can help you navigate the steps to getting your car repaired and back on the road in pre-accident condition as soon as possible. Contact us today.