Why Choose a “Certified” Collision Repair Facility?

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In the automotive repair industry, certifications aren’t just awarded to shops that just fill out an application. Collision repair certification signifies that a body shop has invested time and money to meet manufacturer and industry standards for equipment, technology, repair process, and technician training. When choosing a body shop, you might be able to get a lower price from a non-certified facility, but you run the risk that repairs may not return your vehicle to pre-accident condition, requiring future repairs and even impacting vehicle safety.

Look for Multiple Automaker and Industry Certifications

Credible collision repair certifications come from manufacturers or an industry association, like the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repairs, which issues the I-CAR certification. Ask for details when you call, as a Yelp advertiser certification has nothing to do with adherence to industry or manufacturer standards.

Make sure the body shop you choose has multiple credible certifications. It is rare for a shop to be certified by all manufacturers, because many automakers limit the number of certifications per geographic area. You want a shop that has a mix of core and luxury brand certifications. This signifies commitment to meeting manufacturers’ equipment, technology, and training standards, as well as the capability to work on many different vehicle brands. Even if a shop doesn’t hold a certification by your particular automaker, you can feel comfortable that the shop has significantly invested in training and equipment, and has the proper equipment for your repair.

Certifications Require Extensive Training and Equipment Investment

To maintain manufacturer and industry certifications, technicians, estimators, and other team members are required to undergo hours of training each year. Just to maintain our Nissan certification, Bavarian Body Works estimators travel to national training seminars. Technicians regularly learn the latest technology, changes to vehicle mechanical and technological systems, and updates in repair methodology.

Having the right equipment is also necessary for certification. To weld body panels, most manufacturers require compression spot welders (up to $30,000 each) that recreate the strength and accuracy of factory spot welds. Frame racks and frame measuring equipment ($150,000 investment) ensure that a vehicle body is within critical manufacturer specifications. Bavarian Body Works has this equipment.

Diagnostic scans are now required by every manufacturer, and are critical to make sure all of the safety and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are tested and operating 100% perfectly. This is probably the most critical part of the repair process, as we (and you) need to be sure that all safety systems are aligned and working to protect you and your family in an emergency situation. 

Focus on Quality and Safety – Not the Lowest Cost

Collision repair shops without automobile manufacturer or industry certifications can still attempt to repair your vehicle, but they don’t necessarily have to make the same investments in training and equipment. While they might be able complete a repair, there’s no guarantee it was completed to manufacturer quality, strength, and safety specifications. You might get a cheaper repair, but is it worth the risk?

Bavarian Body Works restores each vehicle to pre-accident condition, complying with rigorous manufacturer and industry specifications. We spare no expense to ensure that repairs meet the highest quality, strength, and safety standards, and our repairs have a lifetime guarantee. While our collision repair pricing is competitive, sometimes you may need to pay a little extra for quality and expertise. When you’re dealing with lives, short-cuts can be dangerous. 

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Bavarian Body Works holds a number of manufacturer and industry certifications, including:

Subaru – Infiniti – Nissan – Acura – Honda – Fiat Chrysler – Hyundai – Assured Performance – I-CAR