Top Five Questions to Ask Your Body Shop Owner

Polishing a car

If you’ve had a collision and are looking at major repairs, how do you choose the best body shop? Cars are complicated now with many parts and multiple electronic systems. You need a body shop that can not only evaluate your car’s damage but also has trained technicians and the right equipment. Here are five pertinent questions to ask a body shop before signing a repair contract.

Do you scan the vehicle before and after the repair?

It’s important that technicians scan a vehicle both before and after repair. A pre-repair scan lets the technician know which parts need to be repaired or replaced and can help determine any hidden damage before repairs start. A post-repair scan makes sure all replacements and refurbishments have been done correctly and all systems are working appropriately. At Bavarian Body Works (BBW), we perform both scans so you can be sure your car is as good as new when returned to you.

Do you have the equipment to check Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)?

ADAS are the systems in your car that help prevent accidents. These can include blind spot indicators, lane departure warnings, traction control, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, and other warning systems. These are complex systems that require trained technicians as well as appropriate body shop space and equipment to make the repairs. The vehicle structure needs to be correctly calibrated and aligned during repair. BBW has the equipment to get your ADAS functioning correctly so you can safely navigate Atlanta roadways.

Which industry and manufacturer certifications do you have?

While it’s not critical for a body shop to be certified by every manufacturer or industry association, certifications show a body shop has technician training and up-to-date equipment. Top industry certification programs include I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) and Assured Performance’s Certified Collision Care Provider program. BBW has both these certifications and as well as a dozen more including from automobile makers like GM, Honda, Nissan, Fiat Chrysler, and Acura.

How do you match the paint on my car?

Car paint fades and changes over time due to sun exposure so that various parts of your car are actually different colors. Make sure your body shop has a process in place to match the slight color variations of different parts. A computer system that can accurately match each panel’s color is best. At BBW, we use a computer-driven process to match the current paint color of each location and blend colors to match so that the end product’s appearance is seamless.

Do you guarantee your work?

A reputable body shop should guarantee both parts and labor for a specific amount of time following the repair. BBW guarantees all auto body repairs from scratch and dent repair to automotive painting to complex system work. When you leave BBW, you can be assured your vehicle has been given the highest quality service that will last years.

At BBW, our staff, equipment, and entire space meet top industry standards to assure you the best automotive and body shop repair. Keep us in mind when you are in need of Auto Body Repair services.