Why Collision Repair Is Needed Soon After an Accident

After a car accident, there may be a lot of things on your to-do list—doctor’s appointments, conversations with the insurance company and maybe even preliminary talks with a lawyer. It can feel overwhelming to add car repairs to your plate. However, collision repair isn’t something that should wait—even when the damage is minor. Read on for important reasons to take care of repairs as soon as you can swing it.

Your vehicle may not be road safe

When you are involved in a crash, even if it was just a fender-bender, you want to ensure your vehicle is safe for you and your family. Oftentimes, the child safety restraint could have suffered damage that would make it malfunction in the next accident. The same goes for your car. Even a minor crash can damage sensors and delicate technology in your vehicle, making key features like airbags and collision avoidance technology fail to work later on. 

And while you might think you can get by with a dented door, are you sure your car hasn’t also suffered more extensive damage? Structural issues can affect steering, handling and even your engine performance. 

Your car’s value is on the line

During the pandemic, used cars suddenly became a hot commodity. If your vehicle is well cared for and is in good condition, chances are, you can count on being able to sell it whenever the time is right. If it’s dented and rusted, however, its value will be much lower. By fixing problems quickly (and properly) and preventing further damage, you’ll preserve your car’s value—whether you hang on to it for a bit or decide to trade it in.

Take insurance into account

If you have comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, it means you’ve invested in protecting it from incidents unrelated to collisions (like tree damage, hail or vandalism). Your lease may even require you to maintain comprehensive insurance. If you have this type of policy, check the details to see if you’re required to repair any damage and in what time frame. 

If, on the other hand, you were involved in an accident, an insurance adjuster may have given you an idea of what repairs will be required. This initial estimate may not be enough to cover all the costs of the damage. If you accept an insurance check without doing your due diligence with an expert repair center, you may end up having to pay more pocket. Having an expert repair center review your vehicle’s damage and spot any structural or system issues resulting from your crash can help you understand the damage to your vehicle.

Handle collision repairs before they become bigger problems

Even if aesthetics don’t bother you, collision damage is a safety issue. The good news is that a trusted collision repair center can give you a prompt report on your car’s potential issues and your repair options. 

Bavarian Body Works is here to answer any questions about repairs—large or small. We offer free estimates and will guide you through the repair process. Our goal is to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Contact us today.