Why Are My Brakes Making Noises?

There are noises that we expect our cars to make, like the roar of the engine or music over the speakers. And then there are the noises that make us worry. Some strange noises are just warning signs, and others, like grinding coming from the brakes, may indicate serious problems that require immediate attention.If you hear noises and can’t figure out what’s causing it, then reach out to us to set up an inspection. Here are three common brake problems that we see, and hear, on a daily basis. 

Common Noises That Brakes Make


If you hear a grinding noise coming from your brakes, then your brake pads are most likely worn all the way down. Every time you press the pedal to slow down, your pads wear down ever so slightly. The wear and tear over time makes them less and less effective. The longer you drive with worn-down pads that are grinding, the more dangerous your situation becomes and the more expensive the problem is to fix. Depending on how bad your pads are, it might even be too dangerous to drive to a body shop, and you should call for a tow truck. 

Squeaking or Squealing

There are two main reasons people come to see us for squeaking or squealing brake pads. Both can lead to expensive consequences if not diagnosed and repaired early. Reach out to us if your brakes are making high-pitched noises when you brake lightly or even during regular braking. 


Glazing happens when the temperature of the brake pad gets too hot. The material outside the pad turns into a hard, glass-like surface. This can decrease your brakes’ effectiveness. Riding your brakes down a hill or repeated hard or rapid braking can lead to glazing. 

Brake Pads Beginning to Wear Down

Your pads will probably squeak or squeal before they start making a grinding noise. This is a warning sign that the pads are starting to wear down and will soon compromise your braking ability.


We often receive calls about scraping noises in brakes. A lot of times, debris from driving around, such as rocks or concrete, gets stuck between the rotor and the caliper. The friction from those objects causes your brakes to make a scraping noise. In some cases, putting the car in reverse and backing up can dislodge the object. However, if that doesn’t work, you should reach out to a brake specialist. 

If your brakes are making noises and you need expert help, contact Bavarian Body Works to schedule an inspection. 
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