What to Do When Accident Damage Is Not Repaired Properly 

After an accident, your to-do list grows by a mile, with calls, quotes and communications with the insurance company. So when you finally go to pick up your repaired vehicle from the auto shop, you may feel like you’re in the home stretch—almost back to normal. 

Unfortunately, though, sometimes shops don’t carry out repairs properly, leaving you with a vehicle that’s not in pre-accident condition. What do you do when your accident damage hasn’t been repaired, and how do you even identify a problem in the first place? 

How to spot improper repairs 

When you head to the shop to pick up your repaired vehicle, don’t leave the lot before you’ve thoroughly examined your car. This is your best chance to ID problems and have them dealt with quickly.  

Visually inspect your car, focusing on the areas damaged in the accident. If you had bodywork done, is the finish flawless, with matching paint and no dust flecks or fingerprints? Check the doors, hood and truck to be sure they open and close smoothly. Next, take the vehicle for a short drive around the block. It should feel like your car again—with proper alignment and steering and no strange, new noises.  

If you spot a problem during this early stage, flag it with the shop manager. Get a plan for how the shop will address your concerns. Be sure you have a written understanding that if any additional costs arise, you’ll be consulted first. 

What to do when the auto shop can’t fix your car 

If the shop can’t quickly address the issue, you’ll need a post-repair inspection. A reputable shop won’t balk at providing this service, as it’s their chance to ensure they’re performing repairs to the highest safety standards. If you’re uncomfortable with progress at the original mechanic, you can get a second opinion.  

At this point, you’ll also want to talk to the insurance company. They’ll need to know about and approve any changes you make in your service provider. Remember, you’re looking to return your vehicle to pre-collision condition, and if there’s any reason why that’s not possible, you need an upfront answer as to why.  

How to choose a reliable auto repair shop 

Needless to say, going without your vehicle while you negotiate on repairs that should have already been done is frustrating and time consuming. It’s much better to start out at a shop that can fix your damage right the first time. Remember, in Georgia, you have the right to pick out the shop that repairs your vehicle, even if the insurance company recommends a specific place.  

Look for a shop that’s organized and well run. Mechanics should be trained, and the shop should be certified to repair your make of vehicle. Always ask if repairs are guaranteed, and get a written estimate before any work begins. Your final written invoice or work order should break down the cost of each part, plus labor, giving you a roadmap to how your repairs were carried out.  

At Bavarian Body Works, we work to ensure customers don’t have to deal with the hassle of an incomplete repair. As the final step of our repair process, a Bavarian Body Works inspector reviews the repairs, road tests the car and certifies that we’re giving the car back to you in pre-accident condition, only cleaner. 

If your car has been improperly repaired and you need a second opinion, contact Bavarian Body Works today.  

At Bavarian Body Works, our trained technicians can examine your car to make sure all accident-related damage has been repaired to the highest safety standards. And if we ultimately make repairs on your car, rest assured our inspector will thoroughly review all work before handing the keys back over to you. Contact us today for more information.