Should I Get Those Small Dents and Rust Spots on My Car Fixed?


Little dents and scratches happen to all of us. A wayward grocery cart leaves a dent in the side of our car or we catch a branch while backing down the driveway and end up with a long scratch.

Is it OK to ignore these minor blemishes or better to take care of them as they occur? To preserve your paint job and avoid rust, you want to fix minor damage sooner rather than later. 

Cracked paint can flake or lead to rust

Even small dents and scratches can cause cracks in the paint that can then lead to rust. Water can seep through the cracks and reach the unprotected metal. Eventually, rust will develop both on the surface and underneath the paint.

Depending on the extent of the cracks, the paint could also start flaking off if left unrepaired. Weather, washing your car, and regular wear and tear can cause paint cracks to grow over time. What was once a small problem could become a much bigger one.

If your minor dent was the cause of a collision, you should have the underlying structure checked out and repaired, if necessary, as well as fix the paint. Even low-speed collisions can result in frame damage. Bumper absorbers are designed to take the impact in any collision and meant to be replaced following an accident. Left unrepaired, you could be jeopardizing your safety. 

Unrepaired minor dents and scratches as well as rust can also affect the value of your car. So if you plan to trade-in or sell your car in the near future, definitely get those small issues fixed.

Fixing small rust spots

Bavarian Body Works can quickly fix paint damage and small rust spots so you don’t end up with worse problems. This is a relatively low-cost repair. To fix these spots, our body shop follows these steps: 

  • Sand down the corroded area and surrounding paint to the bare metal and clean the spot;
  • Cover the exposed metal with corrosion-resistant primer;
  • After the primer is dried and sanded, use our paint-matching system to match your paint;
  • Paint the spot and apply clear coat;
  • Wax and polish the entire car.

A larger corrosion problem could involve having to replace a metal section or even an entire body panel if the damage is significant. The new area has to be bonded before beginning the painting process. This a more extensive and expensive process, which definitely should be avoided by fixing those small dents and scratches right away. 

Bavarian Body Works is here to answer any questions about small repairs, or large ones. We offer free estimates and will guide you through the repair process. Our goal is to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Contact us today.