Hidden Damages a Fender Bender Can Cause

Almost everyone has experienced a fender bender. Regardless of whether you’re the one who bumped the other car or vice versa, your mind immediately jumps to how inconvenient repairs and insurance claims are. But sometimes, when you and the other driver get out to survey the damage, there’s nothing to see at all. After swapping info, you and the other driver go your separate ways, relieved that you avoided any damage to your cars and stress to your lives.

Except Even Minor Fender Benders Can Lead to Serious Problems 

Anytime your car experiences an impact, you should have the vehicle inspected by specialists at a collision repair center. They’ll identify the damage before it causes a major malfunction in your car. 

Hidden problems a fender bender can cause:

Damage to the Engine

Your transmission is at risk in any collision, and all-wheel drive vehicles (AWD) are especially susceptible. Addressing potential damage to your transmission early can mean the difference between repairing it and replacing the whole thing. And if the front of your vehicle was hit, components in your engine could be compromised. Any crack or break in a piece can lead to dangerous mechanical problems. 

Damage to Electrical Components 

Electrical wiring can easily become loosened or damaged because of an impact. It can take a while for these issues to cause noticeable effects, but they can lead to serious disruptions in the operation of things like your windows, door locks, and even the anti-theft system.

Damage to the Frame

You might not feel it when you drive, but even minor damage to the frame can diminish the safety of your vehicle. In the event of another crash, pre-existing frame damage can cause your airbags to deploy improperly; you’re also more likely to sustain injuries if the structural integrity of your car is compromised.

Dents, Scratches, and Rust

Cracks that are barely visible will begin to rust with continued exposure to the elements, and the rust can spread to other parts of your car. Not only is it unsightly, if left unchecked, rust can damage the structural integrity of your car. 

Tire Misalignment

If the impact occurred close to your tires, it’s likely they became misaligned. When your car starts pulling to one side, the tires start to wear unevenly. Not only is it more difficult to drive on misaligned tires, but due to the uneven wear on them, you will have to replace those tires earlier than you planned.

If you’ve been in a fender bender, contact Bavarian Body Works to schedule an inspection. 

Because our trained technicians know where damage from these accidents are likely to occur, we can find any potential problems before they cause major complications. We always cover your repair and replacement options with you, with a focus on your safety. Contact us today for more information.