Auto Body Repair Trends

Over the last several years, the collision repair industry has experienced a great deal of change.  The recession caused more customers to not have minor damage repaired.  Also, with the average age of vehicles on the road at an all-time high, more vehicles were declared a total loss and not repaired.

Longer term trends have led to lower accident rates. Specifically, aging drivers moving into safer driving years; high unemployment rates among young people, fewer miles driven per household, per vehicle, and per driver; and more vehicles with electronic stability control and crash avoidance technologies.

As the complexity of vehicles increases, repairers must invest in the training and special tools required to repair these vehicles.  Bavarian Body Works uses some of the top auto body repair professionals. The use of multiple material types in a vehicle can add complexity and additional costs to the repair.

These and other Auto Body Repair Trends make it even more important to choose the right shop for your vehicle.