5 Tips for Driving in the Rain 

In Atlanta, rain is common anytime of year, but with spring just around the corner, rainy drives are all but certain. And because even light increase the risk of a traffic accident, it’s important to be prepared.

Here are five tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for the weather and you’re prepared for the challenges of the drive.  

1. Keep up with your maintenance 

Visibility and reaction time are everything when conditions are poor. That’s why it’s so important to keep your tires and wiper blades in good order. Your tires should be properly inflated and have the tread depth necessary to maintain your vehicle’s grip on the road—even in the wettest weather. Also make sure your car’s temperature controls are doing their job and all vents are working. When your car fogs up, you’ll need them.  

2. Slow down.  

In rain, you won’t be able to stop your vehicle as quickly and your visibility will be lessened. Combine that with other drivers’ potentially erratic behavior and you need all the time you can to safely slow to a stop. While most drivers will lower their speed in extremely heavy rain, light rain doesn’t always faze people. Unfortunately, fatal accidents are 27 percent more likely during even a light rain. 

3. Turn on your lights 

While folks usually remember to turn on their lights as the night darkens, it’s not always as intuitive on a rainy day. Even if it’s raining lightly or appears foggy, turn on your lights. While you may be able to see just fine, you also want other cars to see you. Rain can easily make your vehicle seem nearly invisible to others. 

4. Know how to stay safe in an emergency.  

When driving in the rain, keep a light touch. Avoid slamming on the brakes or punching the gas. If you do hit a patch of water and begin to hydroplane, do your best to stay calm. Take your foot off the accelerator and steer the direction you need to go, making no sudden movements. If you come to a body of water you don’t know the depth of, find a new route. The inconvenience is always worth protecting your life, the lives of your passengers and the lives of rescuers. Keep your phone handy to receive emergency reports of flash flooding, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.  

5. Wait it out if you can.  

If there’s a forecast of dangerous conditions or the rain looks particularly heavy, plan around the weather. Try to delay your trip, come in early or stay late until the worst of the rain passes. If, when you’re driving, you feel like you’re losing visibility and are no longer comfortable, pull into a lot or safe location if you’re able to.   

Unfortunately, weather-related crashes do happen, sometimes requiring body repairs. If your car has been damaged in a crash, contact Bavarian Body Works today. 

Our trained technicians can assess your vehicle’s damage and advise you on needed repairs. Contact us today for more information.