What Causes Auto Paint to Fade and How to Fix It 

If your vehicle is looking a little lackluster these days, fading paint may be to blame.  

Over time, the pigment in your vehicle’s finish can break down, or the clear coat that protects it can become damaged. Either way, your once-gleaming paint job begins to look faded, dull or cloudy. If the problem escalates, you can even end up with rust.   

Why does auto paint fade, and how can you avoid or repair the problem? 

Why does car paint fade?  

It’s a tough world out there for cars, with acidic bird droppings, harsh rays and even over-enthusiastic cleaning damaging a vehicle’s finish over time. In Atlanta, we don’t have to worry too much about one of the top paint job offenders—road salt—but it is smart to look out for and protect your vehicle against the following: 

  • UV rays: While you probably already seek out the shady spot to keep your car a little cooler and protect your interiors, it’s a smart way to protect your paint as well. UV rays can cause your paint to oxidize and lose its shine. Choose covered parking when you can or park in the shade. If neither is an option, carrying a car cover can provide instant protection.  
  • Bird droppings: It’s always a little frustrating when it looks like every bird in town decided to perch above your car, but those droppings are more than just an annoyance. Because they’re highly acidic, they can break down your paint’s finish. Again, a car cover can help protect your vehicle.  
  • Scratches: It’s no surprise that small scratches will compromise your car’s finish. Keeping your car clean through regular detailing is one of the best things you can do to protect your finish, but be aware of brush type and cleaner before choosing a car wash. Some automated car washes use brushes that actually do damage to your paint job over time. 
  • Spills: Splashed gas down the side door or lost your poorly balanced coffee on the roof? Spills—especially acidic liquids like coffee or soda—can damage your car’s finish if they’re not cleaned up quickly  

How to repair faded paint  

You can avoid a lot of finish problems by detailing your car regularly—removing the sources of trouble before they can cause any damage. If there’s already minor damage, buffing the car out can help fill in smaller scratches and restore that like-new shine.  

If your paint is seriously faded, your clear coat has peeled off or you are at risk for rust, it may be time to repaint your vehicle. We can match any color or advise you in selecting a new shade. While new paint is an investment, protecting your car’s finish is one of the best ways you can maintain its value

If your car’s finish isn’t quite what it used to be, contact Bavarian Body Works to discuss your options 

Your car’s finish is more than just an aesthetic consideration—it’s your vehicle’s first defense against the elements. If your paint is dull, flaking or faded, it may be time for a refreshed look. Contact us today for more information.