Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle for Years 

While plenty of folks still turn in a leased car for a new model every two years, many people are keeping their cars for longer. Whether it’s for financial reasons, convenience or just because they like their vehicle, the average driver keeps a car for at least six years.   

Cars today are designed to last longer and take more wear and tear than in the past. A typical car should last at least 200,000 miles: good news for anyone facing sticker shock from current new and used car prices.   

But, of course, keeping your car on the road means maintaining it. So how can you keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come?  

Choose a reliable, safe vehicle from the start 

If you don’t yet have a car you plan to keep long-term and you’re looking for a vehicle that will last, pay attention to reliability ratings and advanced safety features. Sites like Consumer Reports have data on reliability, guiding you toward models that meet your needs and have a proven track record. Be sure to invest in cars with a full slate of advanced safety features: You’ll be able to better maintain your vehicle if it’s not involved in accidents.   

Keep up with the maintenance schedule  

Stay on top of your car’s tune-ups, oil changes and tire rotations. You’ll not only ensure that your car’s fluids and filters are in good shape, but you’ll catch potential problems before they become bigger.  

Don’t ignore the warning signs 

If your check engine light pops on, ignoring it for a few months is unlikely to help matters. Stop by the shop if you notice something different—whether it’s an indicator light, a strange sound or an unusual smell. It’s relatively simple to run diagnostics and inspect the vehicle, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is safe to drive.  

Take care of your tires 

Poorly cared for tires are quick to show wear. Keep yours properly inflated and rotate when necessary. Like advanced safety systems, this one is preventative as well—properly maintained tires are better able to help you keep control of your vehicle in an accident or when encountering a road hazard.  

Keep things clean 

By regularly giving your car a wash, you’re protecting its finish and helping maintain its value. Bird droppings, sap and salt can all cause damage to your paint, while grime can work its way into your vehicle’s moving parts. Spend some time on the interior, too—vacuuming dust, cleaning hard surfaces with a cloth and protecting plastics with spray or a sunshade.  

If you hope to drive your car for years, contact Bavarian Body Works to help keep it in top condition 

It can be a great feeling to drive a car for years and care for it well along the way. Our trained technicians can help you maintain your vehicle, performing regular service and evaluating the repair and replacement options if you have a problem. Contact us today for more information.