Bavarian Body Works review summary

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5on Carwise,Apr 09, 2021


5 Star : Likely to Recommend 5 Star : Repair Quality My first time to Bavarian and I was pleasantly surprised of the communication the quality of work and the pricing. I will definitely return in the future should I need these types of services!! 5 Star : Customer Service I found The Bavarian team very responsive and informative 5 Star : Returned Clean

5on Google,Apr 03, 2021


Lovely body repair service! They are super nice and effective up there. They are also reasonable with pricing. Give them a try folks, you won't be disappointed!

5on Google,Mar 25, 2021


The best damn shop in Ga. They took good care of me and appreciate that. Love you guys for all the work you have done for me💯💯❤❤✊🏾

5on Google,Feb 24, 2021


I have a series of scratches on my passenger side doors, and they gave me two options. One was to have the whole door repainted for over a thousands dollars, and the other was to sand away 90% of it for ~$100. I picked the latter and they were able to take me the following day. After doing what they said it turned out that only ~30% of the scratch was removed, and they were kind enough not to charge me since it did not get rid of as much of the scratch as they initially said. Very kind and professional!

3on Google,Feb 22, 2021


The work on my vehicle was done well. The communication was a bit spotty and I had to call in order to check up on my vehicle.

5on Carwise,Feb 11, 2021


5 Star : Likely to Recommend 5 Star : Repair Quality 5 Star : Customer Service 5 Star : Returned Clean

5on Google,Feb 10, 2021


From estimate to final outcome this company is outstanding. Great customer service, honest, quality, professional, delivers on tine and meets commitments. Thank you! Highly recommend👍

5on Carwise,Feb 08, 2021


5 Star : Likely to Recommend 5 Star : Repair Quality 5 Star : Customer Service 5 Star : Returned Clean

5on Carwise,Feb 01, 2021


5 Star : Likely to Recommend 5 Star : Repair Quality 5 Star : Customer Service 5 Star : Returned Clean

5on Google,Jan 30, 2021


They do a great job. We have used them twice and got great service both times. Anders and his team handled everything and kept us up to date on the progress. The car looks fantastic. I highly recommend them.

5on Carwise,Jan 25, 2021


5 Star : Likely to Recommend 5 Star : Repair Quality 5 Star : Customer Service 5 Star : Returned Clean

5on Google,Jan 23, 2021


Highly recommend for quality of work and fairness of price. Customer service was TOP NOTCH! Look no further.

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 23, 2021

Kelly Faulk

Kind and professional service.

5on Google,Jan 20, 2021


1st timer. They made it easy...they dealt with the adjuster, looked out for best fit/finish using OEM parts & gave me a lifetime warranty on their work! I know what body shop to use in the future should I need one.

5on Carwise,Jan 01, 2021


5 Star : Likely to Recommend Yes I will recommend Bavarian body works to family and friends 4 Star : Repair Quality I love the way that Bavarian got right to business of taking care of me my 2016 tundra truck was fix in a timely matter with only a couple of minor issues I'm sure if I had the time to take it to get it s straighten out I'm sure there will be more than happy to do so... With that being said Bavarian body works are good at what they do I would recommend them to someone else and also use them again in the near future if needed... 4 Star : Customer Service Customer server was great 5 Star : Returned Clean

5on Google,Dec 23, 2020


Great place to do business. I brought my car up there to have them replace the headlight units. I provided the parts and they attempted to do the work but the parts I purchased didn’t fit correctly. They hardly charged me anything for the work and time that it took. They are even helping me find more affordable alternatives.

5on Google,Dec 22, 2020


The work they do is high quality, they managed to fix all the panels without buying new ones. Dropped it off on a Thursday and it was done the next Friday! I was expecting it to take weeks. They followed up with me via email which really helped calm my nerves, and they also vacuumed and gave my entire car a nice wash, wax, and polish (which I really appreciated). I would definitely recommend this shop!

5on Google,Dec 18, 2020


Very easy to work with and constantly kept us updated on the process of the car. The work they did was absolutely phenomenal. The car looked like new.

5on Google,Dec 16, 2020


Great people to work with and they did a fantastic job repairing my both my BMW and my Porsche. Would use this shop again and definitely recommend them to anyone. Kelly and Austin provided great follow up and were available anytime I had any questions.