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Stay up to date with what’s new at Bavarian Body Works’ Atlanta auto body shop by checking out our latest blog posts. For more than 30 years, we’ve been delivering auto repair and collision solutions to the Atlanta and Marietta, GA, areas. Conveniently located in Midtown, Bavarian Body Works serves all of metro Atlanta – just minutes away from Buckhead, Downtown, Georgia Tech and Virginia Highland. We provide the highest quality auto body repair in Atlanta, including repairs on foreign vehicle makes and models. If you expect impeccable service, then give us a call at (404) 476-3900 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you and making sure your Atlanta auto body repair is top-notch.

How Does a Hubcap Fall Off?

hubcap repairs

Have you ever passed a car missing a hubcap and wondered not only how it happened but also if the wheel cover is actually necessary? Hubcaps protect your wheels from rocks and other road debris, and can also help keep the wheel bolts and nuts from rusting.   Since hubcaps are attached to the wheel with…

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Hidden Damages a Fender Bender Can Cause

hidden damages fender bender

Almost everyone has experienced a fender bender. Regardless of whether you’re the one who bumped the other car or vice versa, your mind immediately jumps to how inconvenient repairs and insurance claims are. But sometimes, when you and the other driver get out to survey the damage, there’s nothing to see at all. After swapping…

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Advanced Safety Systems

Self-Driving cars

Over the past few years, advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, have made their way from luxury cars to most new vehicles on the market. Not all cars have the same slate of systems, but common options include:   Forward collision warning Automatic emergency braking Lane departure warning Adaptive cruise control Traction control The good…

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Auto Body Repair Shops

auto body repair

One important contact that you need to have before your wreck. Too often, when you are involved in a wreck, the panic or adrenaline kick in and those first few minutes can make a world of difference on how your repair will be handled. What are some characteristics to look for in Auto Body Repair…

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Atlanta Collision Repair

Collision Repair Services

Looking for an Atlanta Collision Repair company? That could mean that you have had the unfortunate event of an auto collision. Hopefully, there are no personal injuries. When your car is involved in a wreck, it can cause emotional damage as well as physical damage. Your beautiful, shiny car is now damaged. Once you have…

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