Atlanta Collision Repair

Looking for an Atlanta Collision Repair company? That could mean that you have had the unfortunate event of an auto collision. Hopefully, there are no personal injuries. When your car is involved in a wreck, it can cause emotional damage as well as physical damage. Your beautiful, shiny car is now damaged.

Once you have accepted the fact that your car is damaged, you need to act practically. Choosing the right auto body repair shop can make the difference between restoring your car to factory specifications vs. cheaper parts that can devalue your car.

At Bavarian Body Works, we insist on using the best quality replacement parts. This is a safety issues as well as a value issue. You want to maintain the value of your car, because at some point, you may wish to trade it in or sell it on the secondary market.

We will examine parts that might have been approved by an insurance company, and insist that the best part be used. The best is not necessarily the most expensive. To us, the best means the proper material, the proper fit and a quality that will last. We have a long list of parts manufacturers that we use. Our experience, and attention to detail separates us from other Collision Repair shops in Atlanta.